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These are my video essays, vlogs, whatever. They are brief analyses of important issues in international development. Leave your comments…

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Dear Christian Aid: Stay strong in Latin America

I share these thoughts as a proud ex-employee of Christian Aid – still the best organisation I have worked for! Reflections on the strategic decisions of international civil society in the 21st century. Development is about more than extreme poverty. The term “middle income” is...

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Facing up to racism and colonialism in international development

I did this video last year in a futile attempt to influence the outcome of the UK general election, but I thought I would re-up it now as seems relevant. The international development sector in the Global North – the think-tanks, the NGOs, the government...

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The end/future of aid – Global Public Investment

Keynote lecture to Australasian Aid Conference 2020. See paper this is all based on here:…

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Amazon on fire? Don’t blame Brazil

This is a global problem that is going to cost global money.

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Defending the defenders

They are killing our social and community leaders in the name of profit and greed. What can you do about it? This video is about how international civil society needs to evolve from a charity to a solidarity mentality… See the Guardian website on the...

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You say you want a (data) revolution

Data is, of course, a crucial component of development progress. But more and better data won’t overcome fundamental political and social challenges. And data is power. We need much more focus on who has it and why. A real data revolution would empower people and...

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Introduction to “Development Unspun”

Hi, my name is Jonathan Glennie. I am a writer, researcher, activist, campaigner, consultant and practitioner on international poverty and human rights, living in Bogota, Colombia.

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Countering populism

Transformation is the only response to populism. The SDGs are the roadmap. This video is based on an article I wrote for UNA-UK. You can find it in this excellent magazine – lots of great articles: There is a very good article on populism...

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